• P-TECH is a first of its kind 9-14 school model, which combines high school, college and the world of work. Developed in collaboration with the Department of Education, City University of New York, New York City College of Technology and the IBM Corporation, the school is growing and adjusting every day. Opened for the first time on September 8, 2011, the school still has much growing to do, but we are very proud of the work that's happening already.
    We will be offering tours of the school for interested groups and prospective students and their families based on demand. If there is a particular element of the school you are most interested in, we would be happy to prepare a tour that meets your needs and addresses any specific questions you might have.
    Paul Robeson Educational Campus
    Robeson Educational Campus, viewed from Albany Avenue.
    The building was first constructed in 1903, known then as Commercial High School. It later became Alexander Hamilton High School before, roughly 25 years ago, Paul Robeson High School for Business and Technology was opened. With a long history of vocational education, the campus is a great home to P-TECH as well as the Academy of Health Careers, another new, small Career and Technical high school. In 2011, the Panel for Educational Policy voted to approve the phaseout and eventual closure of Paul Robeson High School, meaning that long term, P-TECH and Health Careers will share this historic building in central Brooklyn.