• As the first 9-14 early college and career school of its kind, staff and faculty were hired based on their skill in instruction, dedication to our mission, and expertise in the subject area as well as college and career readiness. The school is led by Principal Rashid Davis, who is responsible for leading the school's development and overseeing operations at the school. He is supported by Assistant Principals Victor John, Rachel Hill, Cordel Blair and Thomas Patterson.
    Faculty and Staff List  

    Jesse Posl-Rhinehart
    Jacci Leslie

    Simone Graham
    Frantz Carty
    Carl Virgo
    Foreign Language 
    Verona Scott
    Harold Israel 
    Social Studies
    Keleshia Davis
    Jamilah Hawkins
    Yhuma Williams
    Jabari Nkosi
    Physical Education
    Dwayne Victory 
    Andrew Adeleke
    Ms. Johnson
    Instructional Support & Special Education
    Nathan Chukueke
    Andrea Cox
    Joann Jones
    Susanna Skinner
    Karen Young
    Attendance Teachers
    Nikel Irwin
    School Business Manager: Andrew Moore
    Parent Coordinator: Curtis Smith 
    Computer Specialist: Jorge Molina

    In addition, three guidance counselors provide social and emotional support to our scholars: Kevin Guzman, Jamie Cloud, and Jean Jefferson 

    Finally, liaisons from our partners at IBM and City Tech along with two community coordinators and a community assistant work together with the administration and the instructional staff to enhance the P-TECH experience through meaningful partnerships and enrichment programs. 
    Early College Liaison: Erica Morales
    IBM Liaison: Al Benoit