• Frequently Asked Questions 

    Does 9-14 mean that I have to stay for six years?

    The 9-14 model means that two years of college in the form of an associate degree from City Tech is included as part of the program here. It is our expectation that every student will work towards meeting this goal while enrolled at P-TECH, in addition to successfully earning the high school diploma. If, after earning the required credits for high school graduation, students want to leave and apply to four-year schools prior to earning the associate degree, this may be possible, pending permission from guidance counselors.

    What classes can I take at City Tech? What can I study?

    P-TECH students will be able to take core courses in English, science, mathematics, and the arts. In addition, students will work toward an associate degree in applied science (AAS) in computer systems technology or electromechanical engineering technology.

    How much is college going to cost me?

    As an early college school, P-TECH is able to provide a college education at NO COST to students and families. This includes tuition, books and various fees that most students are required to pay.

    What kinds of jobs can I get after P-TECH?

    P-TECH students will be prepared to begin careers in a range of exciting, competitive jobs in the IT industry. Every position—from Manufacturing Engineering Technician to Quality Analyst and Software Specialist—requires an IT professional who can perform complex technical tasks, work within a team and solve problems. Whether designing and testing future products or analyzing defects in software and driving quality improvements for global customers, P-TECH graduates will be helping our world work better. Even students who do not end up in IT careers will have experiences that prepare them for work in a corporate or other professional environment.