• Home Learning
    Have you ever struggled with a concept when the teacher first explains it? Or maybe it seemed easy, but when you finally sit down with the homework, you cant even imagine what a quadratic function, let alone how to solve it. The Khan Academy is a wonderful resource to learn a variety of topics. Having trouble with quadratics? Watch this video:
    In order to graduate from P-TECH with both a high school diploma and an Associate in Applied Science degree from City Tech, we need to work harder, longer and smarter. That's why we're utilizing several online software platforms to help students accelerate their learning.
    The Internet has a ton of wonderful learning tools and resources that students can and should take advantage of at home. Students should be using time out of school to continue learning and build on what is being done in school. P-TECHers have  access to several high quality online learning resources, which should be used regularly to enhance learning.
    • iLearn NYC - an online learning platform that hosts online classes in use at P-TECH
    • Regents Prep - thank you to the Oswego school district for this excellent site of Regents preparation resources
    • Evernote - a very handy tool for keeping track of notes, across platforms & devices
    • Flashcard Machine - a web-based resource for, you guessed it, flash cards!
    • Project Gutenberg - free access to older e-books, including many classics
    • Academic Earth - online courses from some of the world's best universities
    • Open Study - study together with students from all over the world
    • UC College Prep - open access to college courses from the University of California
    • HippoCampus - free study aids covering all high school content
    • Learner.org - educational resources, mostly video, that teachers use to enhance lessons