• P-TECH opened for the first time on September 8, 2011 with a class of 104 first year students. Mayor Bloomberg announced the unique partnership that would become P-TECH on September 27, 2010 at the Education Nation summit, hosted by NBC.

    “Today, I’m excited to announce a new partnership we’ve entered into with IBM and the City University of New York, and it’s the first of the kind in the country. Together, we’ll create a school that runs from grades nine to grade 14 – yes, grade 14. All students will learn the traditional core subjects, but they’ll also receive an education in computer science and complete two years of college work.

    “When they graduate from grade 14 with an Associate’s Degree and a qualified record, they will be 'first in line' for a job with IBM and a ticket to the middle class, or even beyond."

    Since that announcement, a steering committee met regularly for nearly a year to develop and plan out the important aspects of the school. The group grew over the year to include additional staff from each of the partners as well as Principal Davis, who took the lead in planning key elements of the school design, including staff selection and hiring. The school will add a class of roughly 100 students each year, growing to enroll between 400 and 450 students on site by school year 2014-15.