• Cindy A. Casseus
     ccass  Hometown: Brooklyn, NY (East Flatbush)
      Role: Social Studies Teacher 
      Email: ccasseus@ptechnyc.gov 
    • Bachelors in History/Social Studies Education
    • Masters of Science in Special Education
    • Masters of Science in Literacy


    What did you do before P-TECH?
    I taught at a middle school for 5 years and before that I owned my own beauty salon on Utica Ave. Cindy's Hair Studio. 
    Favorite Quote:
    "To educate as the practice of freedom is a way of teaching that anyone can learn. That learning process comes easiest to those of us who teach who also believe that there is an aspect of our vocation that is sacred; who believe not merely to share the information but to share in the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students."
                                                      by Bell Hooks 
    Favorite Technological Advancement:
    Chromecast, lol I don't have to subscribe to cable anymore...Yayyyy!!!!