• Vidya Ashok Gawade
    Gawade   Hometown: Mumbai, India
      Role: Science Teacher 
      Email: vgawade@ptechnyc.org 
    • Master in Biology at Gujarat University
    • Bachelor in Education at Mumbai University.

    What did you do before P-TECH?
    I have enjoyed and taken great pride in teaching Science to the diverse group of high school students in Mumbai, India as well as inner city students at NYCDOE High schools. 
    Favorite Quote:
    "We see very largely with the mind, and only partly with the eyes. The phenomena of vision depend upon the minds interpretation of the impression upon the retina. What we see is not that impression, but our own interpretation of it."
                                                                by William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 148 
    Favorite Technological Advancement:
    Microscopy as it has revealed a new world of microorganisms to the world. Medicinal and Scientific world has open a new vision for the betterment of Humanity and my students has found a real reason to enter in it.