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As a new school and the first 9-14 school of its kind, staff and faculty were hired based on their skill in instruction, dedication to our mission, and expertise in subject area as well as college and career readiness. Serving five classes of 522 students total, we have hired 32 teachers, for a student-teacher ratio of roughly 23:1.
The school is led by Principal Rashid Davis, who is responsible for leading the school's development and overseeing operations at the school. He is supported by Assistant Principals Victor John, Rachel Hill and Jae Tucker. 
Support Staff: 
School Business Manager  
Parent Coordinator
Curtis Smith 
Attendance Teachers:
Dwayne Griffiths
Larry Griffin
William Saunders
Computer Specialist:
Jorge Molina  

Jared Gould
Jon Hoffmeier
Jermaine Campbell
Scott Pecorino
Imran Qaisar
Vidya Gawade
Foreign Language 
Elaine Vassell
Harold Israel 
Social Studies
Joan Casey 
Cordel Blair
Shahla Momtahan
Angela Bertrand
Larry Fernandez  
Instructional Support
Jason Charles 
Brenda Elie

In addition, four guidance counselors provides social and emotional support to our smart scholars.
Anthony Williams, Kevin Guzman, Jamie Cloud and Jean Jefferson 

Finally, liaisons from our partners at IBM and City Tech along with two community coordinators and a community assistant work together with administration and the instructional staff to enhance the P-TECH experience through meaningful partnerships and enrichment programs, not to mention all the behind the scenes work of making a school run. With these additions, the in-school staff totals 23 on most days, making the overall adult-student ratio closer to 9:1. 
Early College Liaison: Carline Folkes
IBM Liaison:  Will Ehrenfeld
Community Coordinator: Ronald Thoroton